Monday, February 25, 2013

I have not forgotten you!

Hello, hello!

While it has been awhile since I blogged about my vegetarian food adventures... I have not stopped playing in the kitchen. The kitchen, like my life, is as busy as ever and the vegetarian adventures are, as expected, exciting - challenging - and delicious.

I plan to post lots of photos tonight. Catching you up to all of the fantastic things my stomach has enjoyed. Keep in mind...these delicious dishes were made over a period of time... not all this evening!

Let's start with tonights dinner.

I love Italian food.

Somewhere - in my German, Lithuanian, Latvian and Danish roots I think there must have been an Italian. If it involves tomato, garlic and parmesan it is most likely one of my favorite foods. (Except tomato soup... can't stand it.)

Part of the reason the blog posts have become slimmer (just like me - down 10 pounds since cutting out meat and eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies!) is because of my hectic work schedule. I know... I am not alone in this. And hell, I don't have anyone else to be responsible wife or children that need attention... just a roommate that enjoys the food. So, the opportunity to cook is one I cherish.

I look for meals that require some effort - I do enjoy being in the kitchen after all - but meals that don't require the entire array of kitchen tools.

Tonight's dinner was no exception. I got to cook for me. I am far more likely to cook dangerously and try new things in the kitchen when I know I am the only one that might have to suffer if they are no good. I am calling tonight's dinner... Weekday Ravioli Lasagna. The ease of the dish came from a few very lucky things... I had mariana sauce already made in the freezer - ready to be used. I bought some store bought ravioli... now just to combine.

First,  I cooked some fresh spinach with a TON of garlic and shallot. I love the way the fresh spinach cooks down to nothing. It is so fun to start with a full pan of bright green spinach and end with just a few spoonfuls of wilted deliciousness.

Okay, okay, first I had to thaw the mariana sauce. My famous (within my apartment) mariana sauce was a brick when I got home because of course I didn't think to take it out of the freezer this morning... The dinner idea hit me at about 9:30am when I got the morning munchies...

Next, I cooked the packaged ravioli. You can't hate me for using some Trader Joe's products. The package said to cook for 8-10 minutes. I did about 5... I knew they would continue to cook in the oven... lasagna... remember?

For a period of time my stove top looked like I was preparing a feast instead of a meal for one. (Feast is such a better word than meal, am I right?)

Finally it was time to assemble... I mixed the spinach in with some ricotta cheese. YUM.

1. Sauce.
2. Place a few ravioli.
3. Add the ricotta/spinach mixture

Repeat layers!
Add lot of cheese on top...

Honestly, cheese is my favorite food group.

Bake for 20 minutes at 375...or until an acceptable bubbly top has formed.

Add more parmesan! And serve. Just cut right in... don't worry about getting the ravioli out in "whole" pieces. It all tastes perfect. Trust me.

The photos showcase the process. Enjoy!

The layers of lasagna....

Spinach/ricotta mix

The end result! 

Here are all the parts that made up the lasagna.

This was a very easy dinner! 
Would make it again in a heartbeat. Would love to try various raviolis. 

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