Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Breakfast! Avocado boats.

Breakfast has always been on my favorite meals. I love biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, toast and jam, pancakes - hell, I'm happy with a banana and a bowl of Cheerios.
Seeing as today is my last day of winter break before returning to my second semester of teaching... I was thinking I needed to figure out a yummy (easy) (cheap) breakfast!
I looked around the pantry and fridge and stumbled upon some eggs and am avocado. Omelette was my first thought. Then... I remembered a recipe I had seen online a few days earlier. So, I split the avocado, ripped the seed out, scooped a little avocado out of each half, cracked an egg and plopped an egg into each avocado half. I topped with salt and pepper (from my shaker and grinder from Penzey's) and into the oven they went. They came out and I topped with paprika and crushed red pepper (okay okay and a little tabasco sauce). Wow. What a success. Delicious. Incredibly rich and creamy. I mean... Very very rich. The avocado was like buttah under the soft egg. Not a practical breakfast for a work day, but an absolute repeat for a weekend at home.
That brings me to a good point, my idea, the standard, the rule for a good recipe : would I make it again? I'll begin rating my recipes with my "make again" scale. A 5 means I'm probably making it again right now, a 1 means... It was a good try.
So, for my avocado boats, I'd say a 3.8. Yes, I would make them again!

The photos are the initial product and the finished product.

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